Friday, July 10, 2009

Things are getting hot

After so many months alone on the road and with very little attention from the media, things are getting hot, with friends and fellow greens joining me and the newspapers finally paying some attention.

A reporter for the Sentinel called me from Shippensburg to set up an interview as I walked through. We talked, he took a few photos and the article was published in the Friday, July 10, paper. Click here to read

Also in Shippensburg I met up with Blyden, a PA Green, and Jaqi, a good friend and ICE co-founder from the Lehigh Valley. Blyden lives in Shippensburg and hosted Jaqi and me at his home where we enjoyed meeting his wife, Allison and daughter, Chalaina. On Thursday we walked 7.4 miles toward Carlisle then rode back to town where we had our photo taken near this huge array of solar water panels. I wasn't able to find out exactly who owns and uses them, but I was delighted to see them and hope they will be preserved.

In the countryside we saw several Amish buggies and even more bicycle riders, a welcome sight for me after so many months of being practically alone on the road with the cars and trucks.

We were astounded by the beauty of this flower - can anyone tell me what it is?

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Suzie said...


Thank you so much for what you are doing. It shows an incredible level of courage and commitment.

Suzie Buller

Bete said...

I enjoyed the pictures and also the Shippensberg article, Dale Heberlig did a good job. Great solar panels and flowers!