Saturday, July 11, 2009

This tender moment could be the image of what our walk is about: grandchildren.

Zane wasn't sure he wanted this truck in his driveway, but by the next morning he didn't want it to leave. He enjoyed pretending to drive it. I hope he has a carbon-friendly way to indulge this pleasure by the time he's ready to drive.

We stopped at a little yard sale to get a couple of coffee mugs and ended up buying some freshly picked green beans and visiting the beautiful garden behind the house. Jolene represents the ideal "of what your walk is all about," as she proudly told us. We enjoyed the herbs and other veggies that she threw in with our beans.

We were enjoying this gorgeous display of flowers and were going to compliment the store owner, but got sidetracked when he started telling us that we ought to walk to get Obama out of office, and that a woman would never be president because it's against the Bible - "Women are create to serve men." Scary!

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