Tuesday, July 7, 2009

At last some co-walkers!

Guy was the first to walk with me as I approached Pennsylvania. On Monday, July 6, a fellow Green from Philadelphia, Vivek, walked 7.5 miles with me, from Greencastle to Marion, PA. Here he is in a photo I took of him beside my motor home. Vivek wanted to make a strong statement and wore, back and front, signs I had made that say WAKE UP to the CLIMATE EMERGENCY. We walked in heavy fog early in the morning, then in hot sun later. It was wonderful to have his company, and people seemed to pay more attention to two of us than just to me alone. We kept thinking that a group of five or even more would make a real impact.

Yesterday evening and today, a Wilson College classmate ('65), Martha, joined me for a walk through Chambersburg, our alma mater. We were well received by the communications office, and we've parked the motor home here for the night. I hope to post photos very soon.

Tomorrow another friend joins me, and on the weekend another. Hopefully this will continue and we will find a way to make a splash. Let me know if you would be able to walk with us. The climate problem isn't going away, and far too many Americans are oblivious to the issue. Let's make it VISIBLE!

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