Saturday, July 11, 2009

Photo gallery July 9 - 11

July 17 - Sunbury, PA - Degenstein Library
Finally a bit of time to fill in the blanks about last week's walk through the Harrisburg area.

Tim, from Bethlehem, and Jaqi, from Coopersburg, joined me for several days, and bravely walked the long miles through Camp Hill and Harrisburg. Tim is in large part responsible for the media attention the climate walk received in Carlisle and Harrisburg. He's been sending notices of the Walk to the media from the beginning but with few exceptions the press in the big cities along the way simply ignored us (Birmingham, Chattanooga, Knoxville, etc). Jaqi helped found the Lehigh Valley organization that concerns itself directly with Climate Change - ICE, Initiatives for the Climate Emergency - that drew more deeply into the issues and inspired me to do something dramatic to draw attention to the urgency of Rapid Climate Change

Walkers Unite!

A bit of beauty, one of the reasons for my concern. What will happen to the streams and rivers as a result of changing climate patterns? Will the birds and little animals that live in this habitat survive?

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