Friday, July 3, 2009

Northern Virginia/West Virginia

Guy has joined me for a few days and we're in West Virginia now, blogging in a Mexican Restaurant in Martinsburg. We spent two days with relatives, helping them pick berries on their fruit farm - we had a good time.

Back in Virigina - my friend, Nancy Tate, told me to be sure to stop at the Little Grille Collective, right on Route 11, when I reached Harrisonburg. Good advice! The good food - I had a bowl of vegan chili - and gentle vibes reminded me of the Green Cafe.

Across the street I saw this neighborhood center which I couldn't resist visiting.

In back of the center I found a community garden, reminding me of the garden I visited two days earlier in Charlottesville. It makes my very happy to see thriving community gardens because they represent one of the main ways we need to face into the future: neighborhoods producing at least some of their own food, people of all ages becoming closely involved with the earth, understanding their connection to the soil, the water, and the sun that come together to make our food.

One of the pleasures of walking is coming across odd buildings like this one.

Happy 4th of July - Interdependence Day!


eric said...


I am the GM of the little mexican restaurant, Habanero Mexican Grill in Martinsburg, WV. You stopped here and I hope you enjoyed the chips and salsa. Just so you know we are also concerned about the climate here at Habanero. I helped oraganize several Oceana rallies on the Ohio River, was chapter president of Trout Unlimited, served on the board for the highlands conservancy and organized several other WV cleanwater rallies.

You may not have noticed but we posted please recycle signs throughout the restaurant. The problem is that there is no recycling here in Martinsburg so we cart the recyclables 18 miles from here on our own dime and time.

We also encourage healthy vegan diets by providing vegan burritos, nachos, tacos, salads and desserts. We also serve up local produce and all of our ingredients are 100% natural and fresh.....ZERO preservatives! We have no can opener, no freezer and certaily no microwave!

Stop back in when you head South...we'd love to see you again. Keep on keeping on!

Greta said...

Wow! Congratulations on all you do for the climate. I'm impressed. We enjoyed spending time at Habanero Grill, and will definitely stop by again when we have a chance. Good luck, and thanks!