Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Walk with me in PA

Below is my tentative schedule for walking through Pennsylvania, always along Route 11. It has been my hope that, this close to home, my friends and fellow activists will be able to join me for a day or two, a week, or even more. Out-of-staters are just as welcome.

Please let me know if you're considering Walking for the Climate with me, as it would be good to coordinate our plans. I have no problem with several people joining at once - the more the merrier - but there will be logistical matters to consider, such as where and how to spend nights. 

The media has ignored my Walk except in two or three cities. Perhaps larger numbers of walkers can create events that will result in coverage, to call attention to the Climate Change Crisis. I would especially like to achieve this kind of attention in Harrisburg, on the weekend of July 11-12.

Mon 6 - Marion
Tue 7 -  Chambersburg
Wed 8 - Shippensburg
Thu 9 -  Carlisle
Fri 10 -  Camp Hill
Sat 11 -  Harrisburg
Sun 12 - Harrisburg

Mon 13 - Marysville
Tue 14 -  New Buffalo
Wed 15 - Liverpool
Thu 16 - Selingsgrove
Fri 17 -   Sunbury
Sat 18 -  Northumberland
Sun 20 - Danville

Mon 20 - Bloomsburg
Tue 21 -  Berwick
Wed 22 - Hunlock Creek
Thu 23 -  Wilkes Barre
Fri 24 -    Wilkes Barre
Sat 25 -   Duryea
Sun 26 - Scranton

Mon 27 - Clarks Summit
Tue 28 -  Lake Sheridan
Wed 29 - Alford
Thu 30 -  Hallstead

You can reach me by phone at home until this coming Sunday, June 21. Then I'll be back on the road, in Virginia, and you can call me at 832-971-6658. Or email me - greta_browne@hotmail.com. Can't wait to hear from you.


Sofia said...

I'm so excited to walk for climate change in Pennsylvania! I will be joining you in mid to later July. We can set dates later.

Lucas Dias said...

Too bad I´m in Brazil, I was hoping to do some of the walk, but I wish the best of luck to you Greta