Monday, June 1, 2009

Southern Virginia

Crossing into Virginia felt like entering a new country and the city of Abingdon exemplified all the sense of gentility and long traditions of education and art. Historical markers dating back to the eighteenth century, log cabins in the middle of town, women's colleges established two centuries ago - these brought me right into the history and novels of that period of American history. I don't care for the history pertaining to battles, but I love to see how people lived and what they valued. A few examples:

A reference to Daniel Boone: "Wolf Cave - Lair of wolves which attacked Daniel Boone's dogs 1790 and from which the came the original name of this town: Wolf Hills."

This magnificent Inn used to be a women's school.

In the continuing post below (blogspot only allows five photos per posting), you will see more of the countryside as I walked northeast on Route 11.

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