Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Northeastern Tennessee

I've reached the Appalachian region of Tennessee.

Don't you wish you were walking with me?

Much better than driving a stupid Humvee.

One of the advantages of walking is that you can pause and really look at things you might otherwise miss, such as this lovely monument in Sweetwater, Tennessee.

Walking along Highway 11W in northeastern Tennessee has made me happy in a number of ways: the beauty of the hills, streams, lakes, woods, and pastures is wonderful; I'm delighted to be able to walk long distances again on my bum knee; I've completed 350 miles; and people along the road here greet me and seem to read and appreciate my "WALKING for the CLIMATE" T-shirt. There are of course some who don't seem to like my cause, like the young man who revved up his vehicle noisily as if to say, "I'll guzzle as much damn gas as I want to."

I must say that the whole car culture I've witnessed from the day I started out in Louisiana discourages me and makes me aware of the tremendous obstacles ahead as we try to lower the American carbon footprint. Whole communities everywhere depend on their cars day in and day out, with significant distances separating people from the dozens of places they need to go. Public transportation is rare or non-existent most places I've been. And even the most enlightened people I've talked with seem to think nothing of driving many miles several times a day. I'm actually hoping the price of gas will go up and stay up - though it'll make it harder on my pocketbook as well.


natalie said...

I loved the monument of the sakura with the iris! The English was funny and I liked that. -- Natalie

Tom Carlin said...

Greta, beautiful pictures of NE Tenn remind us of western NC where we have visited; wonderful that your knee is better and your continuting; we're with you in spirit.

Bete said...

I was looking at your Google map today and it looks like you are about half way to your destination,am I right? Wow!

Greta said...

Nice to hear from you - Natalie, Tom, and Bete,

I don't think I'm halfway yet. I've walked 420 of around 1200 or so. Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York will be long walks - beautiful all the way.

Love, Greta