Wednesday, May 6, 2009

From a poet in Fort Payne

I met the author of the poem in the library in Fort Payne. He commented on my "WALKING for the CLIMATE" t-shirt and we struck up a conversation. He showed me his poem and I offered to put it up on my blog. It gives me a feeling of solidarity. We share a concern for the children and the animals, and a love for the trees.

Green Earth Movement Creed
           by William R. Miller

Oh this world what a beautiful place. 
Magnificent, touched with Gods grace.
Red, yellow, and gold the trees in Fall.
Splendor in not just one but in them all.
The whisper of air as birds fly on wing.
The sight of an eagle joy to my heart does bring.
Creatures of God sent from the heavens above.
To give us joy, excitement and love.
Oh what a special thing birds of air and the fishes of the sea.
They touch me deep inside a great joy to me.
The cackle of geese the song of the loon.
I fear they will be gone too soon.
For I can not help but see what pollution can do.
To reverse this destruction is up to me and up to you.
For what do you tell your children when they cant tell night from day?
What do you tell your children when they cant go outside and play?
Who do you call when all the fishes lie dead by the sea shore?
Who do you turn to when all the animals are here no more?
Who can help you when the skies are turned black instead of blue?
What is your government going to say,
What are they going to do?
I pray that we open our eyes before its too late.
For this is Gods world and I know he would want us to keep it great.
We owe our children a brighter future a better place.
A smile instead of a frown upon their face. 
Oh this world what a beautiful place indeed.

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