Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hello down there in Mississippi

Monday night I received a surprise call from Ritha Solomon. She is a lovely woman who gave me a ride back to my gypsy wagon in Hattiesburg. It was out of the way for her thus an act of pure generosity. It also made her late in joining her son who was going fishing that afternoon. 

I was thrilled to hear that Ritha has been following this blog regularly, along with her son. We talked about some of the things I'd observed in Alabama, and she told me that Pay Check Cashing and Car Title Pawning are everywhere. I kinda knew that but had never seen so many pawn shops and advance loan shops in one place as in Bessemer, just southwest of Birmingham. Ritha and I agreed that Rapid Climate Change would only put more people in the category of the poor that use those predatory services. 

So, hello Ritha and son. Keep reading and stay in touch. 


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