Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The gypsy wagon gets towed

Well, my friends, I had a rude surprise yesterday when I stopped to get directions to the library in the Friendly City of Athens, TN. The engine wouldn't restart, a cable jump didn't do the trick, roadside service failed, and today my van had to be towed in for a new starter and a blown fusible link. The whole operation ends up being very expensive, quite a blow to my budget. But such is life on the road. I expect to be back on Route 11 later today. 

This weekend, starting Friday, the Annual Antique and Rummage Sale on Highway 11 will be taking place. This is a huge yard sale that stretches along the highway all the way from Alabama to Virginia. Apparently it makes for enormous traffic jams and difficult parking and I don't know how it will affect me. I'll try to use the whole affair to bring attention to Climate Change - what else?!

Hopefully I'll make it to Knoxville by Sunday in time to attend the service at one of the Unitarian Universalist churches there. I had a wonderful visit to the church in Chattanooga last Sunday, and enjoyed the Mother's Day service led by the Rev. Jeff Briere. He invited me to give the opening and closing words, for which I wore my stole over the Global Warming shirt that I like to wear on such occasions. Here's a photo snapped by church member and avid photographer, Leslie. 


Bete said...

Nice stole. Thanks for the picture Leslie.
I'm so sorry that the Gypsy Wagon had a breakdown.
I hope that the sale along the road proves to be a good place to interact and generate interest in being active in helping our planet.

Anonymous said...

By the way, the stole in that photo was made by my sister, Natalie, for my ordination. It makes me very happy to wear it.