Friday, March 27, 2009

Tomorrow, March 28 - Turn it off

You probably all know, but tomorrow, Saturday 3/28, the world will mark Earth Hour by turning off lights and electrical appliances between 8:30 and 9:30 pm to raise awareness of global warming. More info at Please join in and make it a success.

Yesterday I met the public works supervisor in Heidelburg, MS, a very knowledgeable man who proclaims himself a longtime environmentalist. As soon as he realized what I was about he mentioned the Earth Hour action tomorrow. He told about how at the time of Katrina he made sure the county was ready for the inevitable disruption of water service: he prepared generator backup for the water supply system and was able to put it in place immediately. Some other areas went without water for a week.

Yesterday's heat made me wonder what it would be like in the summer. After a longish walk I stopped at this church to sit in the shade and sip my V8 juice. A member of the family who 'owns' the church stopped by to see if I was up to any harm since not long ago someone broke in and hauled all the hymnbooks outside. I asked him to take my picture so you could see the shirt that I had made last week when I got the signs for the van.

The shirt is effective. People don't stop to offer me rides, they just slow down - sometimes they honk or wave. The other day I really wanted a ride back to the van but no one would stop. Oh well.
I've seen a lot of trucks carrying logs, mostly larger trucks barreling down the highway, making me afraid they'll topple over onto me. I always think logging is a bad thing, but here I wonder if they plant enough trees to effectively replenish the forests. The other type of truck I see all the time is the tanker - carrying oil or gas perhaps?


Zeke said...

Check out Greta's progress (not updated since Tuesday). We're gonna get this map posted soon. Not sure this link will work, it should be all together with no spaces.

Zeke said...

Some of the text may be hidden, but it works if you copy everything you can and then paste into the browser. The long link should end with:

Sofia said...
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Sofia said...

Very cool, Zeke! I've made an easier link to the page:

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
Nice collective effort so we can watch Greta's progress. I knew she was just passing into Alabama, but you make it easy to keep track.
I have some great news. The Tuscaloosa News contacted me and they are interested in a story on Greta. So stay tuned, and we'll let you know where and when to see it.
I am helping her out trying to get her some press coverage along the way.