Thursday, March 19, 2009

A new sign on my support vehicle

I'm really pleased to have a sign on my 'gypsy wagon' that will let everyone along the way know about the WALK and the website. 

Tuesday morning I saw a sign company from the road - M&M Industries - and went in to check if they could do something for me right away. Sure enough, they put a team on it and in two hours I had signs on both sides of the van.

(This is my third posting today. I've had to sit the day out while an infected toe heals, so I spent the day at the Lumberton Public Library with my laptop. Hurrah for public libraries! Don't miss the other posts.)


Sofia said...

Good idea! The van looks great!

Anonymous said...

AHAH!! I thought you told me you weren't very good at self promotion. I thought of this but hesitated to put in my two cents since I wish I was there to drive the vehicle for you. Your commentary is insightful. And I got the message about closed minded vegan types like me. I do get the dilemma. Started reading Living My Life, Emma's autobio. Your words and her's about the nineteenth century inequities in society and anarchism meld together. Not much has changed when it comes to inequality and injustice and a lack of moral forethrightness in our so called "free society". You are a beacon of light. I am there in spirit. Pax mi amigo. Tim

Bete said...

Good stuff! I like the way it looks. The pictures are wonderful. Thank you for the posts and the pictures and the walk.