Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Time to get serious

It's the middle of January, the time I set for myself to start making more specific plans for my walk. 

Now I am appealing for walkers and a driver to join me for at least some of the way. Please let me know if you are interested: greta_browne@hotmail.com. If you know of anyone who might be interested, pass the word on. Thanks.

Walkers must be able to walk 15 miles a day, and they should have enough money to cover basic food expenses and to get home again. As long as someone is driving the support van we will have a kitchen and we will be able to transport sleeping bags, tents and other items in the van instead of having to carry them on our backs. 

As it stands now, I've set the beginning of the walk for the 8th of March, from Galveston. I hope to make the 360 miles to New Orleans by the weekend of April 10-12. That's an average of 11 miles a day, which is less than the 15 miles I've projected for the entire walk. But I hope to meet up with my husband in New Orleans that weekend so I'll just have to push harder as I turn north on Route 11. It's probably a good idea to start slowly and give myself, and whoever else might be along, time to get used to walking every day. 

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