Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh, no!

I looked up the distances from town to town and discovered that, unless I made mistakes with my arithmetic, it will take me 5.5 months to walk the whole route as projected. Maybe I need to make some adjustments. Or I could do it in stages ...

One possibility is to drive from Galveston (or Baytown/Houston) to New Orleans, along the coast, in the gypsy van with Guy, between March 8 and 13, then start walking on Route 11 on March 16 or so. That might cut three weeks from the total but would still make the trip well over four months. So watch for other changes.

I would love to know if anyone is reading this. Please leave a comment - you can use the 'anonymous' option, but sign your name at the end of the text so I can know who you are. Or become a 'follower' to follow the walk and the plans leading up to it. Thanks for your interest.


Victor said...

I enjoyed reading all the posts in your blog. Looking forward to our training walks in Brazil!

Sofia said...

I am also enjoying reading your blog.