Friday, January 9, 2009

Extending the walk

Yesterday I received a wonderful boost from Adrienne, one of the women who had hoped to join me for the walk but found that her circumstances weren't opening up for such a commitment. At a meeting of Global Warming Crisis activists Adrienne suggested that those who wished to walk to focus attention on the urgency of the crisis could do so locally, one walk at a time. I would love to see that happen, here in the Lehigh Valley and elsewhere. 

Adrienne painted the image of a person wearing a T-shirt with a Fight Global Warming logo, walking alone or with others, talking to passers-by and passing out information.  If this happened all over the country it would have an impact. We know that others, in Australia and England if not other places as well, have been walking to call attention to Global Warming. As far as I know, theirs have been one day walks through towns and cities. I hope that my walk inspires many to walk a day or two, or a week or more. I would love to help organize such walks, so please contact me if you have nay interest in this idea: 

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