Saturday, August 29, 2009

Today's the Grand Finale

To anyone who's visiting this blog because of the article in the New York Times today, welcome. I'm delighted to have more people reading this blog and sharing the work of bringing attention to Climate Change.

Today I will be walking the final few miles of my trek, and below is a photo of my husband, my son, and three close friends who are joining me for the grand finale. I believe there will be others meeting up with us along the road and an official reception in Rouses Point at 4:30 or 5:00 pm. Join us if you can!

A wind farm near Chateaugay, NY. A good thing!

Mowers, new and old, lined up for sale. Not so good - gas mowers emit a lot of greenhouse gases. Alternatives? muscle and/or smaller lawns. Electric mowers are better as far as emissions are concerned, but then they use electricity that probably created a lot of emissions.

Please check again soon. I have more pictures to post, and more thoughts to share, but now I have to go walk.


Aaron said...

This is amazing! Had I known about this I would have gladly joined you in the walk. Thank you for your dedication and help in increasing awareness of climate change! :)

SusanJane said...

I applaud you for getting out and doing something about AGW, even if you didn't always feel as if the message was getting through. My friends, relations, and neighbors are used to me ranting [gently] on this topic. Most of the time I feel as if they are humoring me and don't really believe it will happen--- even though it's already here. I keep hoping we'll find a way forward-- for the sake of my own grandchild and all the others, yours included. Bless you.

Charles Justice said...

What a wonderful thing to do. I wish I had heard about you earlier. I think anything that can raise public awareness about global warming is desperately needed. Thankyou for doing this.
I live in Prince Rupert, BC. This summer has been very warm here on the west coast, by the way.
I write a local newspaper column and I blog about environmental issues. The newspaper columns have had a much more powerful impact than the blogging. This is a small town and people will stop me on the street to talk to me about the articles I write. The same articles are on my blog:

Howie G said...

How does it feel to be struggling for fascism and the financial network of the British Empire? You are promoting a fraudulent theory to force people to support the fascist and Nazi cap-and-trade bill. This is the new $100 billion a year financial bubble to create licenses to burn hydrocarbons. You are a victim of the networks of British agent George Soros et al. They say wild things like that lower Manhattan will be flooded and temps. will go up 6 degrees C, or even 10 degrees at the poles. They are pushing genocide.

Why don't you be honest and do a walk with signs "Reduce Population Now" and "Genocide Baby!" or even "I'm British like Parson Malthus."

Anonymous said...

thank you for your effort. I too have experienced doing something and changing my lifestyle to decrease carbon footprint. and as i become less dependent on fossil fuel and open my life up, i feel more pessimistic that most average people don't get it, even if they intellectually agree with climate change causes. and thus won't change their behavior. 15 years from now, they still won't see it. fyi, i read the nyt article.

Anonymous said...

anonymous here again.

i'd like to add, i have resigned myself to lead by example and not rhetoric to affect any kind of change in those around me. most average people understand there's something called global warming.

like you, it feels a prayer of sorts in being an individual vs just like most others. i don't bring it up anymore about how i have altered my lifestyle to significantly decrease carbon fuel use and have actually increased the quality significantly, and made some money, and have lost weight, and am generally happier. this is so close to anyone who wants to do it, but so sad because almost no one is willing to make the initial commitment it usually requires.

hence my new found pessimism that change will not come about gently through persuasion of some sort, but through dramatic calamatous changes. there's very little in history dealing with other large-scale social change to recomend it won't happen that way.

Anonymous said...

anonymous a third time (sorry for run on postings but i don't have google id either)
in case i didn't make it clear, the distressing thing about climate change is soooo many intelligent, caring, otherwise progressive, etc people will talk a good climate change talk but will get back into their car, go back to their suburban house, run their HOT shower 15 minutes, etc and feel they can't DO anything about their personal situation. blithe ignorance.

i have not figured out what the angle needs to be to get people to change on a large scale. they need to see their "normal" behavior as something dangerous to their friends, neighbors, community, and family.

you hit on a nerve with me.

Bete said...

What a privilege it has been to follow you along your trail from so far away in Brazil. We very much need to remember that the natural resources at our disposal must be carefully and systematically taken care of. Thank you for doing your part in pushing this into the forefront of people's awareness.

I'm glad to see you arrive safely.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Greta for caring about us all. Bill and I laugh at people when we see them wasting a weekend mowing a lawn, If they would gradually replant food in a small area at a time soon they will have no grass to mow and a supply of fresh veggies. We grow enogh for us,and share with family and friends. Hope to see you soon again THanks and Love