Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back on the road Friday, August 21

This week I've been taking a break to spend time with family, including one of my grandchildren. I plan to return to Route 11 tomorrow and walk every day until Saturday, August 29, when I will arrive in Rouses Point, at the Canadian border.

Several other walkers will join me for the final miles and I invite anyone who would like to finish up the Climate Walk with us to come on up and walk. There is a train from New York City, the Montrealer, that stops in Rouses Point. It would be great to make an event of it.

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH you made the news for being the dumbest grandmother on the planet. Walking for a non-existant made up fairy tale cause. Congratulations, you win the "I can find global warming in an ice cube" award. HAHAHHAHAHHA