Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Northern Country, NY State

As I drove back up to Gouverneur, I glimpsed these water lilies on Lake Brant, near Lake George. (Try clicking on the photo to enlarge it.)

Back on the road, I got a boost from this couple, Erin and Mike, who stopped to chat because they had seen the news10now video (Syracuse) about my Climate Walk.

I loved this bright red building in De Kalb Junction, near Canton, NY.

Some giants just don't give up. I wonder what happened to this tree that left the huge trunk standing tall without what must have been an amazing top of branches and foliage. Why didn't they take the whole tree down? If left to its own devices, what will it look like in five or ten years?

I haven't wanted this Walk to be about my "gypsy wagon," but I have to say that it's become a fond sight, my refuge from the rain and dark, my resting place when I'm tired and aching. Sometimes I feel like a gypsy, stopping on the edge of town in an unused clearing such as this one.


Bete said...

The Gypsy Wagon is beautiful! Thank you for these pictures more, I love the water lilies, especially englarged. Rooting for you on this last week of your walk!

saffry said...

I passed you yesterday on my way to work. What an amazing journey you've been on. I'm going to tell my 6 yr old son about it, every job he wants to do when he grows up involves helping the environment. Hope you enjoy the North Country.

Anonymous said...

I saw you're gypsy wagon and wish I had read the article on sooner! Kudos to you on your journey, not many people stand up for what they believe in! It's a beautiful thing:)God Bless You!

Greta said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks for your email and good wishes.
I couldn't find an article on the website. Could you help me locate it?
Blessings to you.
Greta, the Climate Walker

Anonymous said...

I like your commitment,but no evidence of global warming in NNY. Frost tonight..27 Aug 09

Greta said...

That's the difference between weather and climate. One of my sources tells me that this July was the second hottest - globally - on record.

Anonymous said...

From a Southwestern USA "desert rat" ...HIGHLY RECOMMEND = Rain Water Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Vol.2, by Brad Lancaster.
Shows PRACTICAL WAYS FOR CITIES TO START building roads,sidewalks,that harvest precious rainfall. Also, shows PRACTICAL WAYS for rural people (1st World to 3rd world....)to do the same.

Ann Keeler Evans said...

Greta, sat next to you at UUCSV in Northumberland PA, said, "I'll write" and didn't.

But shout Hallelujah, there you are in the NY Times getting coverage. I'm so glad. such good work, such a big heart and such hope, despite/in the face of the realities of the world. thank you. hoping you can remember the hearts you touched and changed and let that light the road in the face of the enormity of the problem.

and then, such pride as i read back over blogs:you're also a wilson woman!!! (i'm class of 74)

thanks, blessings, and bon courage!


sensato said...

What brave commitment you have! If only you could have kept heading north, to pass through Brockville, Ontario on the St. Lawrence River, to inspire some of the community here!

Anonymous said...

Go Grandmom! What a terric voyage on foot no less. I admire your tenacity and commitment.

I'm doing my thing for our future generation through my blog at and hope I can educate a bunch of folks to live a greener lifestyle.