Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Photographs and a quote

I am posting the first photos of grandchildren today, my own three grandchildren to whom I dedicate my walk. As others send me photos of their grandchildren I will post them and dedicate the walk to them as well. Please pass the word to anyone you know who might want me (and others who join me) to walk for their grandchildren. 

My quote for the day comes from a Detroit Free Press Editorial, Feb. 1, 2009

Now's The Time to Speak Up on Global Warming

"Americans have to get serious about what tools they want deployed to ratchet back emissions of global warming gases ... A carbon tax that puts the cost directly in the customer's face offers the fastest way to change individual behavior ... Manufacturers would have no choice but to respond quickly to what consumers want, be it high-milage cars and more mass transit, solar hot water tanks and bales of attic insulation or their own backyard windmills ..."



Great blog with nice photos.

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Victor said...

Great pictures! They're worth walking for!!!