Monday, February 9, 2009

California's farms and vineyards

Back from the farm in Goiás, where it rained and rained and everything was green and beautiful. I had trouble remembering that the planet is in trouble and human life on the Earth in peril. The truth is that we must keep a healthy balance between our sense of urgency and need to act on the one hand, and our ability to enjoy life and love the world on the other. 

I'm quoting today from the Los Angeles Times, but first I must acknowledge that I am taking many of my quotes directly from Earth Equity News, a collection of quotes that the Climate Crisis Coalition sends out two or three times a week. I recommend subscribing to this service and will try to put a link to their website,, on the blog. I trust that they are happy to have their quotes reach more people, and I am grateful to them for making them available.

Here's the quote: Chu Warns: California Farms, Vineyards in Peril from Warming. By Jim Tankersley, LATimes, February 5, 2009.  "California's farms and vineyards could vanish by the end ot the century, and its major cities could be in jeopardy, if Americans do not act to slow the advance of global warming, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu said Tuesday...  In a worst case, Chu said, up to 90% of the Sierra snowpack could disappear, all but eliminating a natural storage system for water vital to agriculture. "I don't think the American public has gripped in its gut what could happen,' he said. 'We're looking at a scenario where there's no more agriculture in California...'"

Steven Chu's words confirm my belief that anything I can do to raise the awareness of Global Warming is worth doing. The Walk for all the grandchildren IS ON! 

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