Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Looking back on a cold day

I'm hibernating, actually sitting out this cold snap in the library of Tuscaloosa where I've returned for a few hours because the cold wind discouraged me from walking. Maybe this afternoon I'll walk a few miles.

I want to celebrate some of the things I've enjoyed in the last month. First of all, I want to thank all the wonderful people who've offered me their hospitality, starting with Dora, Jamie and Nina in McNeill, MS, who I mentioned in the blog at that time. A few days after my stay with them I drove over to Magee (Maghee), MS, to visit Green Party members William and Lynn. They gave me space for my van, an electrical hookup, dinner and conversation. That was on Tuesday, the night before a tornado devastated Magee. William writes, I'm happy to report, that they and their dogs were not affected by the storm even though it passed by so close, on the other side of town.

This weekend I was treated to wonderful hospitality be several Unitarian Universalists in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. For the first time people joined my WALK, going four miles with me through Tuscaloosa. I've added a new category to the Support page on my website for Co- Walkers.  

I have to celebrate this sidewalk in Livingston, AL. It followed Highway 11 right out of town for almost three miles! Later I was told that the sidewalks of Livingston were in the Guiness Book of Records at one time. 

I've been looking for signs of economic activity in rural Mississippi and Alabama. In addition to cattle, goat and horse farms, and the replanting of forests, I hadn't seen much else that I recognized , but this week I admired the fine pecan orchard above and noticed this ranch with two oil pumps (one white and one black on either side of the tower). It surprises me that I don't see more farming of food and other agricultural products. Maybe it's too early in the Spring.

If you haven't seen it already, check out the article in the Tuscaloosa News about my walk.

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lighter said...

It was a pleasure to have Greta visit our UU congregation in Tuscaloosa, AL, and it's great that some Tuscaloosans were able to accompany her on some of her walk. Thanks to her for her dedication with this critical issue.