Saturday, April 4, 2009

First media coverage of Climate Walk

I just discovered that the Picayune Item, a small daily newspaper in Picayune, Mississippi, printed an article about my WALK on Saturday, March 21. The interview was on Monday of that week and I had looked for it on Tuesday and Wednesday. By Saturday I had moved out of their circulation area and assumed that they'd decided not to run the story. I think Ginger Schmidt, the reporter, did a good job and I'm very pleased. Here's the link:

Hopefully tomorrow The Tuscaloosa News will print an article with photographs. A young reporter sought me out along the road and interviewed me while we sat in the gypsy wagon. Two photographers caught up with us and took some photos in the van and a few of me walking along the Highway 11.

Much more than my personal pleasure in these articles is my satisfaction that they bring attention to the Climate Change Crisis. I'm hoping that the WALK will get more and more media coverage. If the human interest angle serves the purpose of getting people to pay attention to the issues my goal will be achieved. 


Bete said...

What a neat article! I think the reporter did a good job too. I'm glad interest is picking up. Blessings on your trip. Bete

Anonymous said...

I thought Schmidt did a very good job! I looked for something in the Tuscaloosa paper this morning and didn't find anything. I also wasn't able to reach you today, though I tried. Hope all's well. Natalie

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to get some notice. The Tuscaloosa News story was posted early this morning, the 6th of April.

Hopefully, this is only the beginning.
Baby steps.

Sofia said...

I read both articles and they're both great! I also like this last posting very much.