Saturday, December 27, 2008

Posting from New Orleans

Today I did something for global warming - my husband and I volunteered for a project in New Orleans called Green Lights. We bicycled to two homes where we replaced for free all possible incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs). In the first house that was 24 bulbs, in the second 18. We were not able to fit dimmer or 3-way lights, and in one house the bathroom lights were decorative and it would have been an aesthetic loss to change those. I probably would have done it in my house but our young client preferred not to. 

It's a good program. We reflected that even thought we believe in CFLs and have replaced many lightbulbs in our own home, we haven't done them all. Having someone come into the home and go through every room changing bulbs is certainly efficient. Green Lights has already done this in something like 5000 houses, churches and schools in New Orleans, enough to reduce CO2 significantly. The local newspaper ran an article on the program today - what a nice coincidence for us. 

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